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TDF-PF series high pressure non vortex shell fan box (back tilt type)

Structural features : Single inlet rear tilting impeller with color steel plate and double layer sound absorbing plate. 

Machine range: NO.250-1000 a total of 13 kinds of machine number.

Air volume range: 500-55262 m3/h

Full pressure range: 125-4036 pa

Suitable for use : Mainly used in factories, power plants, buildings, laboratory general ventilation and kitchen fumes, as well as fire smoke exhaust 

Use of the environment No air corrosion, no self ignition and no sticky substances。 The medium temperature is generally not more than 80 . When used for fire and smoke extraction, it can ensure that the ambient temperature reaches 280 , and the continuous operation is not less than 30 minutes。 The particles contained in the medium are not more than 150mg/m3。 (Special custom-made explosion-proof, anticorrosive, high-temperature resistant structure)

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