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DE-55 after the medium-pressure centrifugal fan
Structural features: single inlet, strong front wheel impeller, efficiency and static pressure, removable structure, a variety of angle swap, transmission mode for the A/C/D-type triple structure
Machine range: NO.400-2000 a total of 20 kinds of machine number.
Air volume range: 1600-210000 m3/h
Full pressure range: 350-11000 pa
Suitable for use: Widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, metallurgy, petrochemical, environmental protection, nuclear power, waste incineration, painting, cement and other places ventilation。
Use of the environment: mainly used for various types of high temperature baking furnace, drying furnace and high temperature gas equipment, hot air circulation. The maximum temperature of the medium for flue gas is not more than 250 ℃ (beyond the need for special design).

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